Beginner-Friendly AWS Cloud & DevOps Bootcamp with Mentorship

Ideal for beginners, this Cloud/DevOps mentorship program will teach you all the skills needed to secure a high-paying six-figure salary through real-world hands-on projects.

What You'll Learn:

  1. AWS
  2. Terraform
  3. Docker and AWS ECS
  4. Kubernetes and AWS EKS
  5. Ansible
  6. Git and GitHub
  7. CI/CD with GitHub Actions
  8. Linux and Shell Scripting
  9. Python and Lambda Function
  10. CloudFormation

What You'll Get:

  1. Unlimited Access to All Hands-On Projects
  2. Weekly Zoom Meetings with Fellow Students
  3. Live Zoom Support and Interactive Troubleshooting
  4. Professionally-Rated Resume Template
  5. Exclusive Slack Channel Access
  6. Personalized Mentorship and Consultations
  7. Comprehensive AWS Reference Architecture for Projects
  8. Insights into Real-Life Interviews and Mock Interview Practice
  9. Guided Job Application Process
  10. Networking Opportunities with Peers
  11. One-Year Course Access

Program Curriculum:

Weeks 1-12: Foundational Knowledge

  1. Week 1-4: Cloud Practitioner Course
  2. Week 5-8: Solutions Architect Associate Course
  3. Week 9-10: Linux Basics
  4. Week 11-12: Git Basics

Weeks 13-24: Initial Projects and Core Concepts

  1. Week 13-16: Static Project - Deploy a Static Website
  2. Week 17-20: Dynamic Project - Deploy a WordPress Website
  3. Week 21-24: Dynamic Project - Deploy a Dynamic E-commerce Website with EC2

Weeks 25-36: Advanced Projects and Automation

  1. Week 25-28: Terraform Project - Deploy a Dynamic Website with Terraform and EC2
  2. Week 29-32: Continuation and Review of Terraform Project
  3. Week 33-36: Ansible Project - Deploy a Static Website with Ansible and EC2

Weeks 37-48: Containerization and CI/CD

  1. Week 37-40: Docker, AWS ECR, and AWS ECS Project - Deploy a Dynamic E-commerce Website
  2. Week 41-48: Terraform Module Project - Deploy with Terraform Modules, AWS ECR, and AWS ECS
  3. Week 44-46: Kubernetes and AWS EKS Project - Deploy with Kubernetes and AWS EKS
  4. Week 47-48: CI/CD Project - Deploy with Terraform and GitHub Actions

Weeks 49-50: Serverless and Python Programming

  1. Week 49-50: Python and AWS Lambda Project - Organize Objects in an S3 Bucket

Weeks 51-52: Final Project and Career Preparation

  1. Week 51: Deploy a Dynamic Website with CloudFormation
  2. Week 52: Resume Preparation, Mock Interview, and Job Search Strategies

$499.95 USD

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