Host a Dynamic Ecommerce Web App on AWS

This course will guide you through understanding AWS reference architecture and deploying a dynamic (LAMP Stack) website using various AWS services.

What you'll get:

  1. Lifetime access to this course
  2. Access to all the resources needed to complete the project
  3. AWS reference architecture

Course Curriculum:

Deploy the eCommerce Website:
- Create VPC with Public and Private Subnets
- Create NAT Gateways in the Public Subnets
- Create the Security Groups
- Create the RDS Instance
- Create S3 Buckets
- Create an IAM Role with S3 Policy
- Deploy eCommerce Website
- Import the Dummy Data for the Website
- Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
- Create an Application Load Balancer
- Register a New Domain Name in Route 53
- Create a Record Set in Route 53
- Register for an SSL Certificate in AWS Certificate Manager
- Create an HTTPS Listener
- SSH into an EC2 Instance in the Private Subnet
- Update the ENV File
- Update the AMI
- Create Auto Scaling Group

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