Host a Dynamic Web App on AWS with Docker and AWS ECS

This course will guide you through understanding AWS reference architecture and utilizing Docker, Amazon ECR, and ECS to launch a dynamic website.

What you'll get:

  1. Lifetime access to this course
  2. Access to all the resources needed to complete the project
  3. AWS reference architecture

Course Curriculum:

Deploy a Dynamic Web App On AWS:
- Sign Up for a Free GitHub Account
- Create Key Pairs
- Add Public SSH Key to GitHub
- Install Git on Your Computer
- Installing Visual Studio Code on Your Computer
- Create a Docker Hub Account
- Enable Virtualization on Your Computer
- Download and Install Docker on Your Computer
- Building a Three-Tier AWS Network VPC from Scratch
- Creating Nat Gateways
- Setting Up Security Groups in AWS
- Setting Up a MySQL RDS Instance in AWS
- Registering a New Domain Name in Route 53
- Creating a Repository to Store the Application Codes
- Adding the Application Code to the GitHub Repository
- Creating a Repository to Store the Dockerfile
- Creating a Personal Access Token
- Creating a Dockerfile for a Dynamic Web App
- Creating a Gitignore File
- Adding Build Arguments and Environment Variables to a Dockerfile
- Creating a Script to Build the Docker Image
- Making Script Executable
- Building the Docker Image
- Installing the AWS Command Line (CLI)
- Creating an IAM User with Programmatic Access
- Running the AWS Configure Command
- Creating a Repository in Amazon ECR with AWS CLI
- Pushing the Docker Image to the Amazon ECR Repository
- Creating a Key Pair in AWS
- Setting Up a Bastion Host with EC2
- Downloading and Installing Flyway on Your Computer
- Updating the Flyway Configuration File
- Organizing SQL Scripts in Flyway
- Securely Running Flyway Migrate with an SSH Tunnel
- Creating an Application Load Balancer
- Registering for an SSL Certificate in Amazon Certificate Manager
- Creating an HTTPS Listener for the Application Load Balancer
- Adding Environment Variables to a File
- Creating an S3 Bucket to Store the Environment File
- Creating an IAM Role for the ECS Task Definition
- Creating an ECS Cluster
- Creating a Task Definition
- Creating an ECS Service
- Creating a Record Set in Route 53
- Cleaning Up Your ECS Project

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