Host a Static Web App on AWS with Terraform Module, Docker, Amazon ECR, and ECS

Unleash the power of Terraform with this comprehensive course, designed to guide you through deploying a static website on AWS using Terraform modules. This course is ideal for developers, IT professionals, and anyone interested in leveraging the efficiency and scalability of Terraform for cloud infrastructure management.


  • To help you better understand how Terraform works, first, we deployed the web app in the management console. Then we automate the deployment process with Terraform. 
  • Before you begin this Terraform course, it is ESSENTIAL that you first complete the "Deploy a Static Web App on AWS with Docker, Amazon ECR, and Amazon ECS" project, which is part of this package. This prerequisite will ensure you have the foundational knowledge and experience needed to excel in the Terraform course.

What you'll get:

  1. Lifetime access to this course
  2. Access to all the resources needed to complete the project
  3. AWS reference architecture

Course Curriculum:

Deploy a Static Website On AWS:
- Install Terraform
- Sign Up for a Free GitHub Account
- Install Git
- Create Key Pairs
- Add the Public SSH Key to GitHub
- Install Visual Studio Code
- Install the Extensions for Terraform
- Install AWS Command Line (CLI)
- Create IAM User
- Create a Named Profile
- Create Dockerfile
- Create an S3 Bucket to Store the Terraform State File
- Write a Terraform Syntax to Create any Resource in AWS
- Create a GitHub Repository
- Clone the GitHub Repository to your Computer
- Create VPC
- Create Nat-Gateway
- Create Security Groups
- Create ECS Task Execution Role
- Request an SSL Certificate from AMC
- Create an Application Load Balancer
- Create Nat Gateways
- Create Security Groups
- Create Application Load Balancer
- Create ECS Service
- Create Auto-Scaling Group
- Create Route 53
- Clean Up

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