Master AWS Cloud/DevOps: Build Real-World Projects & Launch Your Cloud Computing Career!

6-Month Intensive AWS Cloud/DevOps Program: Fast-Track Your Path to a Successful Engineering Career

Learn AWS Cloud/DevOps Engineering, Build Hands-on Projects on AWS, and Start a Career in Cloud Computing

6-month program to start your career as a Cloud/DevOps Engineer

Gain access to 1 on 1 mentorship sessions

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What You Will Learn

Core AWS Services

  • VPC
  • Public and Private Subnets
  • Route Tables
  • Nat Gateway
  • S3
  • Security Groups
  • EC2 (Linux)
  • RDS
  • Elastic File System
  • Application Load Balancer
  • Route 53
  • Auto-Scaling Group
  • Etc.
AWS Tutorial for Beginners

DevOps Tools

  • Terraform
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Docker
  • Amazon ECR
  • Amazon ECS
  • Ansible
  • CloudFormation
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Etc.
AWS Tutorial for Beginners

Real-life Practical Cloud/Devops Projects

  • Getting Started on AWS
  • Static Website Project
  • WordPress Project
  • Dynamic Website Project
  • Terraform Project
  • Ansible Project
  • Docker, ECR, & ECS Project
  • Terraform Modules, ECR, and ECS Project
  • CloudFormation Project
  • CI/CD Project
  • Python & Lambda Project
  • Etc.
AWS Projects for Beginners

Get Your Dream Job as a Cloud/DevOps Engineer

Learning Cloud/DevOps Engineering as a beginner is often challenging because of the overwhelming amount of information online. One of the challenges you will face when you start learning about Cloud Computing is knowing what to do and where to start.

Whether you want to start a career in Cloud/DevOps Engineering or become an expert, this course package will help you reach your goal faster.

The engaging projects included in this course package will help you minimize the tedious process and help you focus on what you need to learn to become a Cloud/DevOps Engineer.

The course package includes technical projects for Cloud/DevOps tools such as Terraform, Git, GitHub, Docker, Amazon ECR, Amazon ECS, Ansible, VS Code, CloudFormation, and lots more that will teach you the intricacies of building projects in the AWS Cloud.

We have included additional resources to help you craft a top-rated professional resume and real-life interview examples to familiarize you with the industry demands for your skill as a Cloud/DevOps Engineer. This will help you build a strong portfolio, improve your job search and interview skills, and give you a competitive advantage.

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Average Course Ratings

Azeez teaches with clarity and simplicity. He shows how easy it is to understand AWS. Very great course on working with AWS.

- Alex Jerry

Excellent teacher. He makes it plain to understand.

- Tyrone L. Penn

The delivery was great. I recommend this for all beginners. Will be taking the authors courses on cloud formation and AWS using LAMP stack

- Elvis Vukesu Akumbom

it is a good example of how to use Cloudformation, I use it as a guide of a project I am doing at work, not the same type of stack, but is good to have it as an example to follow.

- Jaume Mallach Broquetas

Great course if you want to take your CloudFormation skills to the next level. Azeez breaks it all down in a way that is easy to understand, and he is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended course!!!

- Blair Stumberg

Brilliant, I am not new to AWS, currently holding 2 AWS certificates, and still managed to learn some tricks, nice job

- Calin Ovidiu Pop

Excellent and provided detailed setup for aws website. Much better than certified courses which did not provide actual setup and made me disappointed. This is the type of labs that we would like to see and learn. Very Critical for job experiences ! Wished all lecturers would provide such courses!

- Joo Kwee Kwek

I recommend this course because the presentation is clear and simple. Azeez was precise but knowledgeable in passing the information. Azeez, you need to make more videos like this in AWS brother. I recommend using automation tools like Ansible, Terraform, or Cloudformation. And using version control system like Github will be a plus!!

- Thomas Lehmie

I enrolled in Azeez's courses just before I sat for the Cloud Practitioner exam because the description sounded like what I needed for hands-on, practical work. As it turned out, this was one of the very best study tutorials I purchased. I passed that exam and I'm now using these projects to study for the SAA. I'll definitely recommend the suite of four courses --- Thank you, Azeez Salu!!!

- William Cooper