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Cloud Mentorship Program


This mentorship program is perfect for those new to the Cloud/DevOps Engineering field and looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of AWS and tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Docker, and CloudFormation. As your mentor, I will guide you through the transition process and help you streamline your learning journey, so you can focus on what's essential to becoming a successful Cloud/DevOps Engineer. With my guidance, you will have a solid understanding of AWS and other tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Docker, and CloudFormation, making you well-prepared to secure a Cloud/DevOps Engineering job.

Best Value


What You'll Get

  • Unlimited access to all courses
  • 1-on-1 troubleshooting session
  • Access to Slack channel
  • Professional resume template with high ratings
  • Examples of real-life interviews and mock interviews
  • Guidance with the job application process
  • Opportunities to network with other students in the program
  • AWS reference architecture for all the projects

AWS Hands-On Projects


If you have completed AWS certification exams and wish to gain practical experience using AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, and other cloud tools, these hands-on projects are perfect for you.