Hello! I'm Azeez.

Self-Taught Cloud/DevOps Engineer

From a background in mechanical design, I pivoted to cloud computing to seek new challenges and secure financial stability. My journey from novice to a Cloud Security Engineer has been driven by self-learning and hands-on projects. Today, I specialize in AWS and DevOps, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge to help others transition into the tech industry.


Why Cloud Computing?

It's a field with endless opportunities, allowing me to work remotely, meet exceptional people, and achieve a rewarding career. My goal is to make the cloud accessible to everyone interested in technology advancements.



I'm Azeez, a self-taught Cloud/DevOps Engineer.

I used to work as a Mechanical designer before I switched to Cloud Computing.


Image of a self-taught AWS Cloud and DevOps engineer

Why I Changed My Career to Cloud Computing and How I Can Help You Too!



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