Why Don't You Learn AWS?

In 2012, after graduating with a CAD design degree, I landed a job making $45k a year. Despite having a stable job, I struggled financially and lived paycheck to paycheck. The challenge of finding a new job in my desired location added to my frustration. I knew I needed a change, but I hesitated to leave my job without having another lined up. However, being laid off turned out to be the sign I needed to take a leap of faith and change my career.

I promised myself that my next career must allow me to earn six figures annually, work remotely, have endless opportunities, and meet exceptional people.

During a conversation with my cousin, he mentioned, "Why don't you learn AWS?" That was the first time I heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS). Intrigued, I researched and discovered that a career as an AWS Cloud/DevOps engineer would provide all the benefits I wanted. I started my journey by purchasing the AWS-certified cloud practitioner course. This decision turned out to be life-changing.

Coming from a background in mechanical design, I successfully pivoted to cloud computing. Today, I make six figures annually, work remotely, and meet exceptional people from various fields.

One of the most rewarding aspects of learning AWS is that I transformed my life and now help others with no IT or tech background to do the same. If you want to change your career and enter an industry that offers six-figure earnings, remote work, endless opportunities, and exceptional people, just like my cousin said to me, I also tell you, "Why not learn AWS?" By trying, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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